066 Pedophile Rings and Government Corruption.


For more than a month I've been investigating pedophile rings, human trafficking and government corruption. Based on tips that were provided by an anonymous FBI agent, I'll discuss my findings surrounding the scandal known as Pizzagate.

You may wonder why citizens feel they have a right (or an obligation) to conduct a criminal investigation. Why not leave it to the professionals?

Investigations that were underway by law enforcement have been temporarily suspended. (I explain why in the podcast.) Right now, average citizens, with the assistance of law enforcement and intelligence communities, have been looking into crimes that seem to be mentioned in the emails of high-ranking government employees. (The fact that high-ranking government employees are alleged to be involved may help you understand why law enforcement investigations have been suspended.)

Thousands of connections have been made that may link various individuals and organizations to criminal activity. One of the connections is a set of symbols used in the logos of business. These are, by the way, not the only connections that have been made. But they are some of the more intriguing ones.

The logos consist of small images that appear inside larger ones—typically a small triangle inside a larger one. Sometimes the logos appear as spirals. Other shapes used are hearts and butterflies. The images are covert symbols that signal the presence of someone who is interested in pedophilia. The presence of the symbols alerts those in this community but they're subtle enough not to draw attention to those who are unaware of their meaning.

These images are well-known to law enforcement and appear in an FBI manual identifying them as pedophile-related symbols. Below on the left is a collection of logos connected to pedophilia. The middle set of images are the logos used by Besta Pizza before and after word got out about the pizzagate investigation. Note the change, with the removal of the spiral triangle in the later logo. On the right is a set of screenshots I took from the Facebook page of Elpida—a home for refugees located in Greece. The images were captured 2 days apart, right before and immediately after the investigation turned attention on this organization. Once again, note the removal of the blue, spiral triangle. In addition to Elpida's home page logo being altered, a number of videos were removed from their page which contained the blue, spiral triangle logo.


Why would anyone investigate Elpida?

An anonymous FBI agent provided tips to investigators on the internet board 4chan. The agent urged investigators to think on a global scale and not to focus their investigation on a few restaurants or government employees in Washington DC. He told them to look into illegal arms sales, political favors in exchange for donations (pay-for-play), human trafficking, money laundering, selling classified secrets, and other crimes. The agent's most frequent advice was to investigate the Clinton Foundation and specifically, to check into major Clinton Foundation donors and its board of directors. "Assume they are all implicated," he told investigators. "Keep digging and find out how."

One of the largest Clinton Foundation donors is Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra, whose non-profit Ratcliffe Foundation is the parent organization of Elpida. Elpida is a shelter located in Greece that receives refugees coming from Africa and the Middle East. While it's noble to provide shelter for migrants, these people are at great risk for being trafficked because they're cut off from their communities. In many cases, they have no identification and no one they know is keeping tabs on them. The appearance of a known pedophile symbol on a website representing a shelter for homeless migrants is concerning.

I'm not accusing these organizations of engaging in pedophilia. But the change of their logos from ones that were identified with pedophilia to ones that are not, after investigators began asking questions, seems odd. Perhaps the changes were coincidental and they have no involvement in pedophilia. The authorities can determine if that's the case. But because the accusations involve human trafficking and the sexual abuse of children, this is not something that should be quickly dismissed as a conspiracy. The seriousness of the charges demands a proper investigation.

In the podcast, I mention the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in 2007 and forensic images issued by Scotland Yard that were created from descriptions given by a witness. The forensic images from the wikipedia page are compared below (top) with images of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and his brother Tony (bottom). The likeness is strong enough to warrant an investigation, but to date, officials have not questioned the Podesta brothers.


There's been growing criticism lately of websites that report what is being called "fake news." The concern is primarily coming from Facebook, Google and mainstream news outlets, who are pushing to have us rely on establishment news sources. The establishment take on pizzagate is that it has no merit. It's said to be an anti-Clinton conspiracy conjured up by the alt-right. The media, who deny its validity, generally haven't evaluated the evidence. One item of concern—and one that has received no media coverage—is the harassment and censorship that pizzagate investigators have faced.

4chan investigators were hit by DDoS attacks after the use of steganography was discovered in email attachments. Reddit, which at the time of this writing had a least six threads dedicated to the discussion of pedophilia, has removed the pizzagate thread from its platform. Reddit's CEO has warned moderators not to allow its discussion to continue. Twitter users have had their accounts suspended after reporting pedophile activity. One user received both death threats and bribe offers to remove names from her list of pedophile-related accounts. Based on external monitoring, it was obvious Twitter and Facebook had suppressed pizzagate as a trending topic until a gunman entered one of the restaurants involved in the investigation. After an event occurred that seemed to support the conspiracy narrative, pizzagate was allowed to trend. YouTube users have had their videos removed and threatening letters have been sent to them for posting pizzagate related videos.

It seems that some people don't want pizzagate being discussed publicly. Unless the discussion is done on their terms. If the pedophile ring and other crimes are without merit, and if those who are being investigated have nothing to hide, why is there so much opposition to the investigation?




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