033 Shae Bynes - Taking Risks For the Kingdom


Shae and I always have a blast when we talk and this time was no exception. We cover a lot of subjects in this interview, the most important of which is the fact that taking risks in necessary to advance the kingdom of God.

Topics Covered:

  • Update on my books
  • Being slain in the spirit
  • Traveling in the spirit
  • The future of my radio show
  • Why I’m mentoring other authors
  • How does God speak to us?
  • What are prophetic emotions?
  • Unusual ways in which God speaks to us
  • The prophetic ministry of the average believer
  • Being supernatural but not religious at work
  • Taking risks and lowering your expectations
  • How to free yourself from fear of failure
  • How taking risks confirms that you’re hearing from God
  • Distinguishing between your thoughts and God’s thoughts
  • How I choose the people I minister to personally and coach 
  • How to instruct people who are at different places in their walk with God


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