078 March 27 Intelligence Update


This intelligence briefing covers subjects that have been in the news the last 2 weeks. The message was taken from a live Facebook video where my wife and I answered questions from friends.


Freedom News Project

Whistleblower Tapes


077 Special Report: Wiretapping Trump - A Look at FISA Warrants


In this episode, I examine the legal implications for the Obama administration if the allegations are true that it used a FISA warrant for electronic surveillance of President Trump and his associates. 


Adam Gingrich Periscope The Deepstate War is On

Donald Trump - God's Wrecking Ball

Lawnewz article on FISA

076 The Deep State Fights Back and the New Media Reporters


(This message was taken from 2 live Facebook videos I did the last week of February in 2017. At various points, you'll note that I respond to questions being asked by those who were watching the video live.) I begin with a discussion about the controversy surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I also discuss the surveillance that was done to President Trump's team during the campaign. It's my belief that the attacks on the Trump administration are coming from career government employees, who are sometimes called the "deep state." In the second part of the message, I share some dreams I've had about the death of the mainstream media and encourage average people like you to rise up and become the new media reporters.


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