065 Shae Bynes - Child Trafficking and Entrepreneurism


Shae Bynes and I have developed a free style of conversation over the years and we talk about whatever is on our minds. In the first half of the message we discuss child trafficking and then my most recent books. In the second half, we discuss the books she'll release next year, how to find your unique business model, and the different tax-exempt options for ministries and non-profits.


Helping Hand Outreach - 508(c)(1)(a)


The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast


Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven  


Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple


064 Traveling in the Spirit and the Court of Heaven


There are many ways to operate in healing and deliverance. We can use power, authority, God's presence or revelation. In the first part of this message, I discuss how each method works. In the second part, I explain how traveling in the spirit and going to the courts of heaven can help the in healing process.





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