051 Daniel Duval - Going Down the Rabbit Hole


In this message Daniel Duval and I cover many different subjects. Here are just a few:

  • Emotional trauma, alters, fragments and the inner world
  • How inflammation is the not-so obvious cause of many diseases
  • Alien abductions
  • Government mind control programs
  • Strategiesfor heavenly warfare
  • Operating inthe courts of heaven
  • The natureof portals
  • False timelines created by the enemy and how they can be destroyed

Daniel's website: Bride Ministries

050 Praying Medic & His Wife - Overcoming Fear


In this episode, my wife and I discuss how the kingdom of darkness keeps us in sickness and in fear, and we share strategies for overcoming the enemy's plans.



049 Millian Quinteros - The Cause of Sleep Paralysis


Millian Quinteros interviewed me on Dominion Fire 360. In this message we discuss the cause and cure for sleep paralysis and night terrors. 


Howard Pittman's book Placebo


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