027 Praying Medic With Jesse Birkey


My good friend Jesse Birkey joins me for a discussion about liveing a life of miracles. 

Topics covered:

·        Jesse’s new TV show Project Afterlife

·        The investigation of near-death experiences

·        Jesse’s new book Finding Home

·        What it takes to raise someone from the dead through prayer

·        Hearing God’s voice

·        Giving prophetic words

·        Spiritual gifts and our comfort zone

·        The one teaching about God Jesse hates most


Jesse's Website

Project Afterlife Website

The book Life Resurrected

The book Finding Home

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026 Praying Medic Live - Living the Supernatural Life


In this message my wife and I discuss how to live the supernatural life. 

Topics covered:

  • Life of the average believer compared with the supernatural life

  • The importance of dreams

  • Authority for healing

  • Faith for healing

  • Power for healing

  • The identity of the believer

  • Why any believer can heal the sick and work miracles



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025 Using Social Media More Effectively


This message is intended to help you use social networks like Facebook and Twitter more effectively. 

024 How to Quit Your Day Job - Part 2


Today's message focuses on the business side of being a creative entrepreneur.

Topics covered in this message:

  • Quitting your job suddenly versus transitioning gradually into your new career
  • God’s new season of favor for creative entrepreneurs
  • Marketing your work online
  • Different ways to reach your audience through social media
  • When Facebook marketing fails and how to make it succeed
  • Why you need to be prolific
  • Why old models of success are not working today
  • Why your book needs an editor
  • Setting up your own business
  • Getting a web domain for your business
  • How to avoid a law suit over your business name
  • Tips on bookkeeping, taxes and bank accounts for your business
  • Health insurance for the entrepreneur
  • How to pay yourself
  • Advantages of S Corp designation with the IRS
  • Separating ministry from business

023 How to Quit Your Day Job - Part 1


In today's message, my wife and I will share some practical steps you can take to quit your day job and become a self-employed, creative entrepreneur.

Topics covered in this message:

  • The benefits of working from home and working for yourself
  • The ups and downs of starting your own business
  • The importance of coming up with new ideas
  • Why you need to find your tribe and how to do it
  • The importance of telling your "story" 
  • Four steps to writing a best-seller
  • Valuing your work and pricing it for success

Divine Healing Made Simple

James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself

Samantha Bennett's The Organized Artist's Company


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