022 Seeing in The Spirit


This is a conversation I had with my friend Tosha Marks. We talked about the ways in which she has been growing, spiritually and the development of her ability to see in the spirit. We talk about traveling into the heavens and visiting the courts of heaven and share our thoughts on how God is preparing believers for a world that seems to be growing darker. We discuss the different ways in which God speaks to us and about the gift of prophecy. We wrap up with a discussion about healing people in dreams. 

Resources Mentioned

021 Sara’s Story - The Testimony of a Former Lesbian


This is the testimony of Sarah, a woman who had always been attracted to other women. She explains how the Holy Spirit gradually changed her heart and how Jesus visited her in dreams—all of which allowed her to leave behind the lesbian lifestyle. 

020 Matt Hallock - Fighting the Good Fight



My guest  today is Matt Hallock. (His wife Cory sat in on the conversation.) Earlier this year I announced that I was going to publish a book on hearing God's voice and I asked people to submit their essays to be published in the book. Matt sent a submission that was very good. I learned that he needs healing for an autoimmune disease he's had for 8 years. (We had a prayer session that was not included in this interview, for privacy reasons.) Matt has recently begun looking for opportunities to pray with people for healing, and he's blogging his stories, despite the fact that he suffers from a severe illness himself.

To encourage Matt to keep fighting the good fight, I shared my wife's testimony of healing. We discuss the compilation book on hearing God's voice and the process the contributors will go through to get the book completed. Matt told me about his business as a tutor and shared the concerns he has about ministering to people through his business. To close the show, I shared a testimony of how God showed me favor in the workplace.


Matt's tutoring business can be found here: Matt Hallock Tutoring

His blog can be found here.

019 Alan Champkins - From Witch Doctor to New Creation


This is the testimony of Alan Champkins, a man who gave his life to Jesus as a child, but who followed a path that would ultimately lead him to be one of the only white men ever trained as a Zulu witch doctor. Allan takes us from his days in boarding school, where he suffered rejection, to his college days that were spent partying. He retraces his search for meaning as he explored the New Age, Buddhism and other belief systems. He finds himself working as a tour guide where he meets a Sangoma—a Zulu witch doctor, who says the spirits have chosen him to be trained as an herbalist. At the completion of this training, he is informed that he is also to be trained as a Sangoma. Listen as Allan describes how God unfolded a plan to deliver him from this life and show him the one thing he had been looking for all along. 

Allan prepares for his Sangoma graduation ceremony

Curry Blake's Divine Healing Technician messages can be found here.


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